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Author, Vatsala Sperling reads from her Indian children's book Hanuman's Journey to the Medicine Mountain:

Discovering Hanuman news clip and pictures


Sperling Opens Homeopathy Practice in Rochester Village article from the The Herald of Randolph:

Sperling Opens Homeopathy


Below are links to downloadable pdfs of Hinduism Today articles written by Vatsala Sperling:

Preceptor: Mother, Father, Guru, God

Tradition: Food —Friend or Foe?

Worship: Ganesha Comes to Vermont

Worship: Knitting Hats in a Peace of Prayer

Parenting: Baby Massage

Temples: Meeting Lord Murugan

Temples: Every Little Bit Helps

Motherhood: Postpartum Blues?

Pilgrimage: 'Ram, Ram, Sita-Ram!'

Parenting: Understanding Your Child's Emotional Life

Poisonous Paranoia: A Lachesis Case

Advancing Practice: Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2014

Embracing Life's Changes as Natural Stages


The American Homeopath book review written by Vatsala Sperling:


North American Society of Homeopaths book review written by Vatsala Sperling:

Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within


Homeopathy Today, Spring 2014. Vatsala Sperling interviews Loretta Butehorn, psychologist, homeopath & addictions treatment expert:

The Arnica of Addiction Discovered!

Homeopathy Today, 2014. Vatsala Sperling interviews Dr. Divya Chhabra about her method known as “leap to the simillimum.”

Dr. Divya Chhabra Interviewed interview with Bhavisha and Sachindra Joshi who practice in Mumbai, India, written by Vatsala Sperling:

Homeopathy Today, Autumn 2012. Vatsala Sperling interviews Debby Bruck, founder of Homeopathy World Community:

Homeopathy Web Pioneer Creates Waves of Awareness interview with Liz Lalor written by Vatsala Sperling: interview with Karen Allen about her work in Haiti written by Vatsala Sperling:

The American Homeopath, "The Creation of Empathy: A Conversation with Alize Timmerman," written by Vatsala Sperling:

Creation of Empathy: A Conversation with Alize Timmerman


Happy on the Trails Again — Homeopathy gives horse her health back

Calendula for the Injured Paws

Rare and Precious Gifts

The Snake Dance

The Naturopathy-Aromatherapy Connection

Meeting the Challenge: Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2013

Sinking Sepia Surfaces from Stress
Homeopathy and Cancer: Applying the Foundations in a Modern Context

The Wisdom of the Organon: Two Cases Applying Hahnemann's Aphorisms

Ascending to New Heights: 11th Annual JAHC

Celebrating the Path, Embracing the Future: Joint American Homepathic Conference 2015

The Joshis' Method: A Case of Recurrent Nosebleed

Directions for Homeopathy: What do Eminent Homeopaths See?